In order to keep HoosierTrade a friendly, helpful place, please follow these best practices:

  1. Keep it Friendly.
    • Kindness counts.
    • Politeness pays.
  2. Rated PG is the max.
    • The Internet is already full of four-letter words.
    • Unless it’s necessary to get a friendly point across, leave it out.
  3. Protect yourself.
    • There’s no need to list your home address, your phone number, bank account information, or anything like that.
      • An exception would be trading goods for a service relating to your home or something similar. Use your best discretion.
    • When setting up an in-person trade of goods, pick a public place that’s known to both parties. Bring someone along with you if possible.
    • Vet your trading partner. It isn’t rude. It just makes sense. If you don’t know them personally, see if you have mutual friends. Look them up on Google. Check them out on Facebook.
    • If something feels off, you’re not required to complete a trade. If the other party seems to be harassing you, let me know at I’ll look into it and help you sort it out.

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