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  1. Keep It Decent.
    • No trading goods or services deemed illegal in the state of Indiana. This includes, but is not limited to, controlled substances and prostitution.
    • I don’t like that I have to say it, but for legal reasons I have to say it.
  2. If your grandma wouldn’t approve, don’t do it.
    • In general, no nudity or violence. We’re not in the hitman business or the pornography business.
    • This site is open to all ages so nothing you wouldn’t say in polite company.
  3. No fees for goods or services.
    • This is a site for trading and bartering, not for selling.
    • We don’t include a pricing option on listings for this reason.

These are the main reasons your listing may be rejected. If your listing is rejected, you will receive an email saying so and directing you to this page.

If you believe your listing was rejected in error, please contact

If you continually post listings that get rejected, we will use our discretion to remove you from this site. This is a free service provided that you can use at-will. We’d like to keep it friendly for everyone.

If you have any questions, please contact me (Terran Marks) at



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